Summer sun in the sudio

Anja playing a blue guitar in the garden Recording in the studio can be quite lonely, so I jumped at the idea to pack up my gear and to record some guitar outside. We actually try to have a band meeting once a week but you can not jam properly on the phone or on a video conference. In fact, we haven't had a session in person since February so that was a welcome change of pace.

I already finished recording the rhythm guitar parts for a song called "Sounds of Bliss" and now it was Anja's turn to lay down the lead guitars. Working outside of the studio in the hot summer sun really is something else. It definitely is way more distracting. The light and the heat can pose quite a challenge but it also is more dynamic and a lot less analytical. I guess the whole atmosphere lends the recording a more natural sounding feeling. I really like that. Maybe I should record those parts that can be done outside of the studio outdoors.

Tony playing a white guitar outside As you might have guessed it, there is still a lot to be recorded before the next release but the album cover is nearly finished and is looking great! I honestly can't wait to share this one with you. Now I am off to practicing more guitar parts, the new songs are definitely a lot more challenging than anything we have done before.

Best regards Tony

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