Studio diary

Tony in the studio I guess this is somewhat of a studio diary entry. It is kinda lonely in the studio without the others around but given the circumstances there is no other option.

The recording was on hold for quite some time and it feels good to play those chords and return to those songs. I actually need to learn a few of those solos once again, guess the time-out has been longer than I initially thought.

Strange isn't it? The album is far from being finished but I am already thinking about writing new songs. It’s about time to release this record, literally can’t wait for you to hear the rest of the songs.

Regarding the "Alternate Versions" of EONS. My personal favourite is the "70s Version". This version really emphasises the vast expanse of space. Responsible for those awesome keyboards is Tanit Chongkhadikij (in the "70s Version" and the "Piano Version").

But I digress. It's lonely in the studio but we're making progress!

Best regards Tony

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