Finally, Eons of Space will find its way into the record shelves and ear canals of the world. Get your copy now on Bandcamp! Just in time before the …continue reading
Five songs that inspired me to make music and write FOXMASK songs? Now that's a though one! I guess I could easily compile a list of 100 songs that i…continue reading
Recording in the studio can be quite lonely, so I jumped at the idea to pack up my gear and to record some guitar outside. We actually try to have a …continue reading
Sunset through a tree beneath a path
Not only in music Mother Nature is a much-loved source of energy and ideas. As a counterbalance to the digital flood and especially lately I enjoy ex…continue reading
Tony in the studio holding a guitar
I guess this is somewhat of a studio diary entry. It is kinda lonely in the studio without the others around but given the circumstances there is no …continue reading
Spinning vinyl record
The times of quarantine and self-isolation do not pass FOXMASK by without leaving a trace. The recording of our album is progressing slower than anti…continue reading